Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bingo Mega using a New Flash Software

Bingo Entertainment Network, which owns Bingo Mega, announces the launching of its new flash based version of their software. This would mean that instead of the player downloading the software to their PC’s, they only need to directly play it from the browser – an instant online entertainment. And it would also mean that Bingo Mega is finally compatible to Mac systems as well.

Incorporated by Bingo Entertainment Network is not only uk bingo but also the top brands such as Mainstreet Bingo, Sunset Strip Bingo and Bingo Plex. To make it simpler to navigate and play, the US facing site has newly undergone a great improvement on its site.

The CEO of Bingo Entertainment, Richard Chambers, was definitely convinced that they have done what players have wanted and expected of their site and that they were satisfied with the outcome. One would say the same by just looking at the new Bingo Mega site since it now offers high quality bingo action, with its 75 and 90 ball games and the hosting of some side games to add on to the uncontrollable bingo amusement.

The side games include scratch cards, video poker, blackjack and roulette. Alternative gaming like slots as well as thrilling titles such as Wheel of Wealth and Bank Heist also provide players with an exciting game experience.

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