Saturday, March 20, 2010

Online bingo in Italy temporarily stopped

Only a few weeks after being introduced, online bingo in Italy was suddenly paused due to a court decision. Last December 2009, Italians were still able to log and play bingo which is also known as “Tombola”. But then the administrative court of the Lazio region appealed for the bingo operators to temporarily stop the activity.

The ruling was declared due to the failure of the decrees amending online bingo to meet the terms with the official procedure required by the Italian Law. Italy has faced a lot of obstacles regarding online bingo games since October 2009 when the court of Lazio had made the same decision against bingo halls which tried to interconnect the players.

Bingo operators in Italy are obliged to wait until the Court of Appeals topples over the ruling or when the Italian Gaming Authority gets the necessary approval to re-issue the decrees. The temporary block of the online bingo activity can give rise to possible online bingo uk websites who might take advantage of the opportunity wherein competitors are unable to function yet.

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